Doreen DeStefano
Why Charcoal Soap?

I LOVE SOS Charcoal Soap!  My whole family uses it and so do my clients!  The scent is fresh and pleasant without being overpowering or purfumey.  The texture is smooth and firm so soap lasts, because it isn’t too soft.  The mild detoxifying effect leaves my skin feeling clean, but not dry. Charcoal soap is a treasure!  I wouldn’t use anything else.

Doreen DeStefano / NnD, LPN, Esthetician
I highly recommend Patti’s charcoal soap. My teenaged daughters and I use it to treat our acne and our skin has never looked better. The combination of the oils leaves your skin so soft but not oily. The fragrance is very calming – not over- powering at all. We are so pleased to have a found this product!
Thanks so much, Jennifer