What a Journey!

In December, 2009, I opened shop at the Flamingo Island Flea Market in Bonita Springs, Florida with a line of 14 soaps and other skin products. The seasonal shop served as a kickstarter for my business. It enabled me to develop a list of wonderful repeat customers who could order directly from me throughout the year.

8fe04a3b074d3ab7d613192042b5dd03I’ve been fortunate in finding others who have become resellers of my products. The introduction of my starter kit, featuring Charcoal Soap – our signature soap – has been very popular. I appreciate the Alternative Health and Wellness providers who are carrying my products. They are an intricate part of the success of my business.  We make a good team.

I also have found a great location to sell my products. Our first retail store, located on Pine Island, will be opening soon.  Business is growing!

I am so  grateful for the course I have chosen.


With thanks and appreciation to everyone who has been a part of my journey.